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About TRG2

Our mission is to design and execute successful Digital Marketing solutions so our customers can focus their energies on their core business.

TRG2 (The Rhoads Group 2), a subsidiary of The Rhoads Group, was created in 2009 to delivering digital and Internet related marketing and advertising solutions. Together, we have decades of experience helping our customers develop successful marketing and advertising strategies to increase brand awareness and revenue using Digital Media, TV, Radio and Print.

Our vision is to be perceived by our customers as their business partner.

We approach every new customer relationship as a partnership. Partners work together so both succeed. At TRG2, we constantly strive to increase sales and profits for our partner creating a win-win relationship.

TRG2 is trusted and is a partner you can count on.

Our advertising, marketing and technical depth makes TRG2 the perfect partner for companies that don’t have the time or knowledge to do it themselves or for companies that have an experienced staff in place. Many of our customers are small businesses and have entrusted TRG2 to manage their Digital Marketing. Large customers with an experienced staff know that TRG2 can work with their experts as partners with the same goals; increased web traffic, more sales, higher profits, in other words success! Call us today to learn more about how TRG2’s Digital Marketing Services can make your company more successful.